Nonprofit Board Management


Simplify collaboration with board members, committees, partners, and volunteers.

The solution they will actually use.

In this world of app overload and email purgatory, it can be difficult for nonprofits to stay on top of communications. In order to control the chaos, nonprofits utilize Cureo, a web-based collaboration platform.

One simple plug-in script turns your website into a web-friendly collaboration tool, making it exceptionally easy for board members, volunteers, community members and employeess to stay engaged. 

  • No logins to remember.
  • No new software for them to learn
  • ISO Security Standards and Certified

During a one-on-one demo you'll get an overview of Cureo’s main functions, which allow users to:

  • Coordinate projects, initiatives and communications all in one place.
  • Connect with other organizations to create a network of partners, collaborating on community projects that span further than just one organization.
  • Unleash new creativity and mission success with an efficient, organized place to communicate, share resources and grow the organization. 


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Enjoy a live, customized walk-through of Cureo’s features to learn:

  • What Cureo is (software demo included)
  • How Cureo empowers organized communication between boards, committees, and your community
  • How to get started

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